With Nature: Still Life and Landscape
SeMA Collection Highlights 

Exhibition Design
/ Catherine S. Lee
/ Seoul Museum of Art
/ 2021 Mar. to Aug.
/ Seoul Museum of Art, Project Gallery 1,2
/ Jaeim Joung
/ Catherine S. Lee
Now that our everyday life is under a critical threat, SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art invites you to reflect on the relationship between nature and people. In Korean traditional architecture, we do not consider people’s living space to be seperate from nature. As the architectural term ‘borrowed landscape’ shows, people do not ‘own’ space but ‘rent’ it from nature to enjoy, if temporarily.

The current exhibition consists of works of art looking after nature the most in a sense that their looks, forms and matters have originated in nature. In this show, we try to place landscape and still life under a new light, different from that of so-called Western painting. Knowledge we can learn from nature, we can find many aspects of it here in our space.

Kwon Soonhyung, Kim Byungki, Kim Yik-yung, Kim Inseung, Kim Chungsook, Kim Jongbok, Kim Jongha, Kim Jonghak, Les Manning, Park Namjae, Park Sejin, Park Youngseun, Park Eunsun, Seo Dosik, Son Soo-kwang, Shin Sangho, Shin Yang-seob, Oh Seungwoo, Oh Jonguk, Oh Chunryong, Yoo Lizzy, Lee Sangyong, Lee Je, Lee Chong-woo, Chun Sangsoo, Chung Daeyoo, Chung Zuyoung, Tchine Yuyeung, Choi Dukhyu, Choi Manlin, Choi Hyun-chil, Yasuo Hayash, Hoki Masakazu, Hwang Youngae

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