The ideas lose completely their meaning without producing an appropriate space.

Lefebvre, Henri
The Production of Space  

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nonstandard is an international exhibition making studio. nonstandard was founded in 2015 by project director Dr. Catherine S. Lee who leads the studio providing a comprehensive museum exhibition services. We create immersive environments for diverse art institutions and regularly collaborate with creative specialists.

Where the Tide Has Been
Han Nefkens Foundation + SeMA Media Collection

Exhibition Design
/ Catherine S. Lee
/ Seoul Museum of Art
/ 2020 Sep. to 2021 Feb.
/ Seoul Museum of Art, Buk-Seoul 
/ Jaeim Joung
/ Sangtae Kim, Seoul Museum of Art
/ Catherine S. Lee
Han Nefkens Foundation + SeMA Media Art Collection is co-presented by the Seoul Museum of Art and the Han Nefkens Foundation based in Barcelona, Spain, and introduces highlights from the media art collection of the two institutions. Including a new work by Moojin Brothers, the winners of the Korean Video Art Award 2019, the exhibition features eight works from the collection of the Han Nefkens Foundation, with four media art works from SeMA collection. This exhibition revisits the subjects of modernity which are being questioned in the current crisis of contemporaneity, and hopes to revitalize the passion and imagination of those who strived to fundamentally change the lives of people in this world.

Moojin Brothers, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Ayoung Kim, Yongju Kwon, Dinh Q. Lê, Gabriel Mascaro, Shirin Neshat, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Fabien Rigobert, Anri Sala, Sanghee Song, Diana Thater, Bill Viola