Photography in Paris 

RISD – SPEOS: A 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Catherine S. Lee
/ 2011
/ Spéos Gallery, Paris

In my memories, the winter in Paris was filled with various stories. All the stories in this cityscape could be considered and interpreted from various angles of strangers like outside observers. From the meaning of  these aspects, to me, Paris sometimes shows the opposite scenary view of particular places. Also, there are different behaviors and moods in the same place in this city because the city has various types of people, beautiful old& new artificial structures and natural environment. In this context, these 6 pictures could give significant different feelings and moods with the scenes in the same city. Pic1,2 would express the warm and soft feelings and stories in the artificial structural frame composition. On the other side, pic 3,4 shows the solitude and isolated sensation with a single man in the man-made huge constructed figures. However, finally these conflicted expressions could be mixed and balanced in the pic 5,6. In these images, all the different types of natural figure elements and constructions are well harmonized in one black frame. The new changing of urban landscape could be described with these peaceful coexistence views.

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